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Our vision is to provide society with energy that is developed in a responsible and efficient way. Throughout our operations, responsible business conduct aims to create social, environmental as well as economic value for all stakeholders.

Health and safety is a priority

In all of our operations, health and safety comes first. As an oil and gas company, we operate in an industry exposed to safety risks and accidents can potentially occur anywhere and at any time. In this context it is our responsibility to avoid incidents and accidents by identifying and mitigating potential risks in order to provide our staff and contractors with safe and healthy working conditions.


Specific policies, processes, procedures and work practices have been put in place to ensure that this responsibility is being met and that risks are minimised.


We are committed to minimise the impact of our activities on the surrounding natural environment. Every site has its own natural characteristics and sensitivities. Respect and dedication to preserving our common natural environment is very important to Gemini Resources.

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